Wedding Tips

Whether you're planning a back yard picnic for forty, a wedding reception for 150, or a lavish seated dinner for four thousand, you need the services of a Miller’s Party Rental. We have all the equipment and expertise to assist you with your rental needs. Here are a number of tips that may help you in the planning of your special day.

Download our printable Wedding Plan Checklist (PDF)

1. If you have never ordered party supplies before, don’t fret! We’re here to help you. Miller’s can help walk you through the procedures, give you ideas, and help you pick out supplies and decorations.

2. Be ready before you call with the expected number of guests, the date, time, the theme or mood, and whether you want to go budget, moderate price, or fully elegant.

3. Talk to us months before the actual event. Let us know as soon as possible what your needs are.

4. If you are on a budget or if money is no object, we are still able to help you plan your special day — just let us know your objectives, your budget, and we’ll work with you.

5. Remember, with delivery of party rentals comes the need for set-up, operation, and security for the equipment until it can be picked up. You must know what kind of time window you have at the party location for delivery and set-up. And after the event someone has to be responsible for making sure people don't help themselves to equipment before the company can pick it up. This is your obligation.

6. Regarding set-up, you need a crew to take care of this. It is best to ask us to help you with this extra service. To depend upon well-meaning volunteers to be on time, to know what they are doing, and to do it in quick organized fashion is to flirt with disaster. You have too much on your mind on the big day to worry about these details. Talk to us about scheduling a separate set-up crew. You may need another crew for tear down as well. Our event crew staff are professionals who can help take these worrisome details off your mind.