Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Oct 24, 2018
As many of you know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is a subject that hits close to home for many of our employees as well as the Miller Family.  To help push awareness the company will be wearing pink MPRC shirts during...

New Inventory Item!

Oct 09, 2018
Mix matched china patterns are a fun twist to any event set up.  It allows a uniform look to the event with a twist!  Over the last several years we have carefully curated a set of china with a look that includes basic schemes, pattern...

The Mona Lisa of Tent Drawings?!?!

Oct 03, 2018
We asked 7 year old Declan Miller to draw a picture of the crew setting up a big tent.  It was just so cute we had to post it.   He made us label what the items were and what the crew said so there would be no confusion!     If anyone...

New Inventory Item!

Sep 19, 2018
The newest addition to our inventory is the 3' x 6' Double Side Whiteboard.   This item can help enchance any meeting or conference with the functionality of dry erase usage, backdrop for a projector, and that it can be moved anywhere!    

Tools of the Trade.......PartyCad!

Aug 22, 2018
Often times we overlook parts of our everyday routine because we are so used to them.  One of the things we commonly overlook but don't give enough recognition to is our PartyCad Software.   PartyCad is a CAD program Miller's purchased...

New Inventory Item!

Aug 08, 2018
We have asked around and we can't find anyone that likes to drink warm champagne or wine.  Room temperature.........maybe.  Slightly chilled.........absolutely! To help keep that beverage cool and ready to drink we have a great new...