When COVID-19 is over. We will be ready to party!

Apr 09, 2020

The Coronavirus is unfortunately making some events go to plan B and that has caused some scarcity in dates for everything that goes into making an event.  We have a lot of brides, coordinators and party planners calling lately worrying about availability for dates in 2020.  

When it comes to Miller's and having availably left, have no fear!  Unlike a venue or photographer who might have limited resources because of space or capacity, we have a large staff and sometimes hundreds or thousands of items in a certain piece of inventory.  This allows us to service any where from 10-100 events per weekend.  

At this point in the year, 99% of our weekends are still available with openings for events.  We can work with and handle any postponing of events to make sure every one gets their day to party!