What size stage do I need?

May 16, 2023

Summer is almost here in Northeast Ohio and that means we can finally get outside and enjoy the outdoors!  With that comes summer concerts and the need for staging to give everyone a good view of the entertainment.   The most common set up for a band is 4-5 members consisting of a drummer, lead singer and 1-3 other members; typically guitarists and/or a keyboard player.   You should alocate the following area at a minimum for band stages: 

-Drummer: The drummer usually requires the most space due to the size of the drum kit and the need for movement.  A minimum area of 8 feet wide and 6-8 feet deep would be suitable for most drummers.

-Guitarist: A guitarist would typically require enough space to comfortably move around while playing their instrument.  A minimum of 3-4 feet of width per guitarist should be sufficient. In terms of depth, 2-3 feet per guitarist would provide enough room for amplifiers and effects pedals

-Keyboard Player: A keyboard player generally requires less space compared to a drummer or guitarist. Providing a width of 3-4 feet and a depth of 2-3 feet for the keyboard and any necessary equipment should be suitable.

-Lead Singer: Similar to the previous response, allowing an area of approximately 3-4 feet wide and 2-3 feet deep for the lead singer should be adequate.

Taking all that in to account a good start for a 5 piece band would be a stage area of 12 feet deep and 24 feet wide.

But how tall should the stage be?  That's a great question and we are glad you asked!

While there are many variables to determine stage height like venue size, seating arrangement, and viewing distance some general guidelines can be followed.  

-For small and intimate gatherings up to 100 people a 8" tall stage will be sufficient.  

-Gatherings of 100-200 people would require a minimum of 16" tall for the stage.  

-Larger crowds of over 200 will need a stage that is 24" tall of taller.  

-For viewing of events over 300 people a 32" tall stage would be the minimum height needed. 

Again these are just some general guidelines to help in planning out what size stage you would need for your event.  Remember to take in to account all the variables that can come a long with space needs as well as your own personal preferences of what you like to see when you go to an event.