Tools of the Trade.......PartyCad!

Aug 22, 2018

Often times we overlook parts of our everyday routine because we are so used to them.  One of the things we commonly overlook but don't give enough recognition to is our PartyCad Software.  

PartyCad is a CAD program Miller's purchased that is specific to the Event Rental industry.  It has preloaded multiple tent and tables sizes, chairs styles, and other fun event items.

PartyCad allows us to draw out events from 1-1000+ people to scale.  We can show distance from chair back to chair back for a reception, how the equipment might fit into a space and even layout tents on a satelite image. 

When customers are booking their event with us, we are happy to help them layout the space free of charge to get a better idea of how things will work for their event and PartyCad makes it quick and easy to do!

Here are a couple of examples of the different ways an event can be shown via a CAD system: