The Tent Trucks is on its way!

May 22, 2019


So you are having a graduation party or a wedding and the truck is on its way to set up!  Here are a few tips that could help you and have your area ready to be tented. 

Cut the grass:  Start focusing on mowing the grass where your event is going to be a couple of weeks beforehand.  We all know this time of year the grass seems to grow a couple of inches overnight; so by cutting ahead you can begin to “train” the grass to be at the length you want and much more manageable.   Do the final mow or schedule your landscaper the day or evening before the tent install, this way the grass will still be a preferred height when the event happens.  Once the tent is up you can still cut grass underneath it but there will be some obstructions to work around like poles, stakes, tent lines and event items.

Pick up after the family pet:  Gifts left from the dog in the yard are one of the things we see mostly commonly forgotten about.  Some tent styles require the vinyl to be laid out on the ground before and as the tent is being built.  The vinyl is laid out on drop clothes or tarps to try and keep the vinyl as clean and pristine as possible but sometimes things happen, and inevitably they will happen into a pile that the dog left.  This causes a nice brown spot on the beautiful white tent vinyl.  The other issue that can arise from droppings in the yard is that the crew as they move equipment to the event site, might not spot what the four legged friend left behind, and step in it or roll equipment through it.  Now it is spread throughout the yard and potentially on equipment. 
As you put extra effort towards the grass, we suggest doing the same towards picking up after the pets and really watching out the night before and morning of delivery.  The tent guys love visiting with animals on deliveries, just not dealing with what the animals leave behind. 

Trim Trees:  Trim or cut back any branches or trees that will hang over the tent or be close to the vinyl.  Limbs resting on the tent vinyl can easily penetrate or damage the vinyl with even a slight breeze. 

Mark the yard:  Have the yard marked in the general area that you would like the tent to go.  We’ve seen people mark the approximate four corners with everything from cones, plants, lawn chairs, flags and their children.  This allows you to have a visual of the size/area the tent is going and the tent crew to see where you would like the tent to go when they arrive.  

Clear the eventsite of obstructions:  Ensure that the area that you want the tent to be set up is clear of furniture, swingsets, or landscaping items.  Delaying the crew in installing the tent can lead to longer set ups and increased labor charges.               

We hope these tips help and your event is a successful one.  Happy Tenting!

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