The "Other" Tent stuff

Mar 26, 2019

April is almost here and with that comes warmer weather and tent season!

We get a lot of calls this time of year for tents and often times the “other” items that can compliment an event or really make it stand out are forgotten about.

Have no fear! We can help you out with these and remind you during the planning process.

When planning your event keep in mind needs that might arise like:

Lighting- Whether your event is a graduation party, wedding, or corporate celebration often times the fun will continue on into the evening which will require some light to see. For lighting options look here:

Heating and Cooling: As we all know Northeast Ohio weather is unpredictable and fast changing. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best when tenting. Add tent walls, furnaces, or air cooling units to your order when planning. When the weather changes last minute, demand for these items skyrockets and you don’t want to be left without an option.

Dancefloors: Although they require space allotment a dance floor is never a bad idea. These call attention to where the action is. Whether it’s a first dance or announcement area the guests will know that seats up front and close mean they will be apart of the fun. Have you seen our new Bracken floor?:

Furniture and Specialty items: Tenting is no longer a cookie cutter event, with the same old table and chair layout. You can now add specialty items and furniture to your event to create different seating options and areas for your guest. Whether you want white lounge furniture or bourbon barrel cocktail tables the list of combinations are endless. 

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