Mismatched china is in

Jun 11, 2015

For years dinnerware trends have been the same, stick to one style plate and be done with it. There wasn’t room for variety among dishware; the looks of each table setting had to be the same. But that trend is vanishing and a new one approaches. Mismatched vintage china is creating a vortex that we don’t mind being sucked into.


This crazy trend has been brewing for nearly a year and we don’t see it stopping anytime soon. The great thing about mismatched china is that you can still have a dishware theme without having an actual set theme, or you can just go full force mismatched. 


We find beauty in that if you want to be a hot mess, you can dive right into the water. Who needs to have matching dishware at all? But if you’re wanting to casually dip your toes into the water, casually do so. You can create a theme based off of color schemes, patterns or even both, to give you some sort of organizational feel. Try sticking with only blue china, or china that has a floral pattern. Heck, only use china that has a blue floral pattern. Whatever you choose, mismatched china is in and we love it.


This crazy vortex is also great for any type of occasion. Whether it’s a bridesmaid luncheon, a rehearsal dinner, the reception dinner, baby shower, or even a tea party, mismatched china makes any formal occasion more approachable.