How many glass do I need?

Jun 11, 2018


Figuring out the glassware you need for your event can be a challenging problem.  But we have some helpful hints to break it down:

First determine your guests and bar set up.  Are they big partying drinkers or slow more refined sippers?  Will you have a full bar of wine, mixed drinks and beer, or just a mix of 1 or two options?  Will you have a specialty drink?

When considering your glassware, you might need one or all of the following:
-Pilsners for Beer
-Wine Glasses
-Low Ball and High Ball glasses for mixed drinks
-Specialty Drink Glasses like Martini, Margarita, or Irish Coffee

After you have determined your variables start with a base number of 3 glasses per person.  For example, if your event has 200 people you will need to start off with 600 glasses of various styles.  After that you can adjust to your needs.  If you are having keg beer versus bottled or canned beer you should figure 4 glasses per person. 

You should also make the determination on if the bartenders should switch to plastic at some point during the event.  Often times at weddings once the alcohol starts flowing and the music is pumping some guest will take their shoes off to dance.  A broken glass on the dancefloor can really put a hindrance on the party when a shoeless guest finds it.  By switching to plastic at some point, when the liquid dance moves starting happening on the dancefloor you can avoid the broken glass and foot issues very easily. 

If choosing your glass mix, quantities, and styles still seems like you need a rocket scientist; give us a call.  We have the years of experience and the complicated formula written on the windows to help!